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Tis The Season

Yes, I know that the holiday season is over.  Well, mostly depending on what culture you’re from, but at least for me, it is.  This has been my first week back after a 2 1/2 week vacation (Yeah!), and I needed it.  I love my students and teaching, but some times you just need a break from all of it to recharge, to get those creative juices refilled and flowing.  I don’t know how creative I’m being right now, but at least I have a little more creative energy now than I did when I finished up in December.

But, as in every job, you generally pay for any day you take off, and Project Learn is not different.  Not only have I been trying to catch up on work that I missed, but the phone has been ringing off the hook.  This is one of our busiest times: the New Year.  Everyone’s making their New Year’s resolution and trying to get their GED at the same time.  Our orientations are filled until the middle of February, and we’ve already filled up all of our walk-in spots. 

The only thing that has been holding us back is the weather.  Even though people promise to get their GED in 2009, our students seem to be putting it on hold until it gets warmer.  This time of year and the frigidly cold weather generally scares some of our students into cloistering around the heating vents in their houses.  So, there’s a bit of contradiciton:  they want to come to class but Papa Frost keeps them from leaving the house.

This is nothing new but always interesting when it happens.  It’s a usual start to a cold year.  Let’s hope it gets the warmer it gets.

PLCC GED class

I’m Krista the ABLE instructor at Portage Lakes Career Center.  At our site, we have Pre-GED, GED, and Pre-Nursing students. 

 We have about 25 students currently coming to class.  Our students have been post-testing this week.  Most of the 14 students that post-tested have made much progress.  Some of our students increased 5 grades or more since starting the class.  Way to go class!!!  We should have about 6 students ready for the GED before the end of the year.  Enjoy the Thanksgiving break. 

See you on the 27th of November!