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Local Leaders to be Recognized at 8th Annual Leaders for Literacy Breakfast

Breakfast InvitaionProject Learn of Summit County will host its 8th Annual Leaders for Literacy Breakfast on March 18, 2009 at 7:30 a.m. The breakfast will be held at the Martin University Center in Akron.

The purpose of the breakfast is to encourage and recognize community support for Project Learn and the agency’s efforts to increase awareness and services for adult literacy.


Judge Linda Teodosio and her husband, Judge Thomas Teodosio, will welcome the guests and talk about the value of literacy.


Following breakfast, there will be an awards presentation to honor the individuals and organizations that have helped in the agency’s dedication to serving the 45,000 people in Summit County who are illiterate. 


This year Project Learn will be recognizing Akron Children’s Hospital, The City of Akron, Sisler McFawn Foundation, and Jean Gadd.


“This year’s award winners can serve as models for how others can get involved in improving our efforts to increase adult literacy, whether it’s through volunteering, workplace literacy classes or financial support,” said Executive Director Rick McIntosh.


Past recipients include Akron General Medical Center, Akhia Public Relations, Akron Community Foundation, First Energy, and the Akron Beacon Journal.


Tickets can be purchased at Project Learn’s downtown site and will be available at the door. Prices are $50 for individuals or $400 for a table of eight. To reserve tickets or obtain additional ticket information, call Marquita Mitchell at 330-434-9461 or visit www.projectlearnsummit.org



Bond Movie Event

Tonight, the VIPs from our past Signature Event have the opportunity to view the brand new Bond movie, which has been released today.  Project Learn has rented out an entire screening to thank all of our funders for their support.  I’m not sure what they’re thinking about it, but I’m looking forward to it.  See you at the ticket check-in line.

The Fund-Raisin’ Blues

Now, stop!  Just because we don’t have class for a few weeks doesn’t mean we’re not working.  Of course, I was on vacation for a week, but I’m back and more charged (and slightly injured–not that great of a story) than ever.  This week, thanks to Papa Rick, Marquita and I are combing the earth, struggling to find businesses who would like to donate–merchandise, gift cards, anything–for our raffle auction, part of our Signature Event, in October.

While I’m happy to support Project Learn (and I think I’ve without a doubt demonstrated my dedication–how many of you would really dress up in character and costume and perform to help make a successful event:  thus far, I’m the only one at this office), I hate to make these phone calls.  Okay.  Now, hate is strong word and to be honest, once you get started, you kind of get in a groove, which makes the soliciting a little easier to take.  And…more often than not, you just end up faxing the event information and hoping that the people in charge find the cause as important as all of us do.  However, I just dread when I actually have to give a sales pitch to somebody.  I hate asking people for money.  It’s not that I think I’m too good to do the work.  I don’t know why, but I just feel guilty when I’m doing it. 

While some of you might disagree with me, I’m not a saleman honest.  I can’t smooze people and talk them in to the hard sell.  And it’s not just business-oriented:  I hate asking my friends and family for money.  I mean any money.  I’m not a huge fan of asking friends to help me out when I’m shy 50 cents at the checkout counter.

Knowing that it will make a difference is the only thing that keeps me going (That and Rick’s constant reminders that it helps pay for my salary).  No, but seriously, fundraising is a vital part of our organization, and every employee (or anybody who will help) has a responsibility to do it.  It’s been said time and time again:  everything has a price.  With that in mind, providing people with the opportunity to help themselves doesn’t come free either.  We need all the support we can get.  Hope to see you all on October 18 at our signature event.  But until then, think of me wincing time and time again when I call another restaurant or retail store and ask to speak to a manager.